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Les Instants volés - spa

Le Varrat
19120 Tudeils
Tel : +33


Our wellness center                                                                                          

If you need to relax, get rid of stress, tensions and fatigue, Les Instants Voles offers you different treatments,on guest rooms ground floor,such as infrared sauna, hot tub, turkish bath and relaxing massage.

Infrared sauna :

 Our sauna uses infrared heaters to emit infrared adiant heat (60°C), which is abosorbed directly by your body, unlike traditional saunas which heat your body indirectly via air or stam

hot tub or spa or jaccuzi :

The hot tub (6 places) produces warm water combined with multiple water-jet massage. Our spa gives you a feeling of relaxation and well-being.The jacuzi improves circulation through dilation of the boold vessels .It facilates oxygenation and helps evacuate toxic substances

and the best for the end , it improves the quality of sleep....

hammam or turkish bath or steam bath

The mild heat anf high humidity produces by the steam generator relax tension and give yoy a feeling of lightness. It also,activates your circulation, clears the sinuses, helps eliminate toxic substances. Your skin is cleaned in depth, leaving it soft and supple

relaxing massage

By conbining different types of touch (skimming,kneading, pressures,etc..), the relaxing massage enhances well-being, reduces muscular tension, and improves the extension of joints, facilitates blood circulation, diminishes stress and reinforces vitality. Only on appointments and extras.